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Issue Six – 5 April, 2012


All Aboard…


One of our main priorities as Pageant organisers is to make sure that we have put safety measures in place to minimise any risks to you, your crew, your passengers and the general public. Ensuring that the day goes off safely is vital to the success of the Pageant.


To make sure that safety is at the top of our priority list, we confirmed to you in your invitation to take part in the Pageant the maximum number of people you can have on board your vessel on the day. That number was decided by our Marine Selection Panel who took both vessel type and the anticipated conditions on the tidal Thames into account. This information will enable us to know what we are dealing with should the need to safeguard any vessel in difficulties arise.


To make sure we have a safe and successful Pageant, we need you to work with us and comply with our safety measures by not exceeding the agreed maximum number of people on board. It would be really disappointing for all of us should we have to enforce these measures on the day, but with safety as our core principle we will not allow over-loaded vessels to take part in the Pageant and our accreditation team will be in place to manage this on the day.


For a small number of you, the online accreditation form may have your total capacity listed incorrectly and must be ignored. To be certain of your capacity for the Pageant as determined by the Marine Selection Panel, please click here.



Arrival and Departure Times


It’s important for section leaders to know your arrival and departure times ahead of the Pageant. Please email them and confirm your plans as soon as possible.



In the Press…


BBC local news caught-up with some of our Oxfordshire boat owners to see how their preparations for the Pageant are going:


BBC News Article



Security Update


You will have received an email from: regarding the secure online version of the Met Police Security Risk Assessments form that is now available as an alternative to sending your forms to Project Kraken by email.


If you have already completed and sent your security information via email, you are not required to complete this form. This form is only for those who have not yet completed the security requirements.


As mentioned in last week’s newsletter, we have extended the deadline to: 13th April, 2012.



Flotilla Participants Website

In order to respond to the many questions we’ve received, share information with you and provide a place for you to download all the relevant Pageant materials, we have created a Flotilla Participants Area on the website.


It can be accessed by going to the home page of our website:


 Clicking on the ‘Flotilla Participants’ tab and then entering the username and password below:


Username: Diamond

Password: Jub1lee


Please note: this area is for flotilla participants only, so please do not share these details.



Boat of the Week: Stenoa


The Jubilee on 3rd June will not be the only reason to celebrate on board Stenoa. In fact that day will also mark the anniversary of the date she returned from Dunkirk in 1940 having saved 51 soldiers. At that time Stenoa, then called Cecil & Lilian Philpott was serving as a lifeboat in Newhaven which she did from 1930 to 1959, launching 159 times and saving 99 lives. Later she served in the RNLI's reserve fleet at various lifeboat stations around the coast increasing her tally with a further 76 incidents, and saving 49 more lives.


In 1969, Dr. Oliver Dansie bought her as what he calls "a successful investment in family life" and gave her the name Stenoa. A name derived from a combination of family members’ names: Sarah, Timothy, Elizabeth, Nicolas, Oliver and Anne.


When first bought by Dr Dansie the Stenoa had petrol engines which took 22 separate actions to start, the first of which was taking out the funnel plugs!  Consuming a whopping nine gallons of fuel an hour she was just too thirsty to run.  In 1971 she was re-engined with two 70 HP diesels and a cabin was built over the open cockpit. Despite these modifications through the Master was still required to look through the roof hatch to navigate! 


Over the years, Stenoa was at the centre of Dansie family holidays, the most challenging being her 40 hours at sea from the Walton Backwaters to Alderney with all the family and four Jack Russells on board!


The Dansie family millennium project was to rig her for sail.  Dr. Oliver Dansie had previously tried to do this in the eighties with a telegraph pole sawn to shape and a Crow’s nest welded on top. This was replaced in the late 1990’s with a Gaff Ketch rig with mainsail, topsail, staysail, jib and mizzen.


The boat is now used by the next generation of the Dansie family and is moored on the Walton Backwaters ready for adventures. An on-board reunion is planned for the Pageant with all the family gathering to take part on the day.



Pageant Products

We are very pleased to announce that our Pageant Merchandise Web-Shop is now open for you to buy Pageant related goodies and clothing, be it items that can be used to decorate your vessels or keepsakes to commemorate the occasion, there’s plenty to choose from.


We also have a selection of clothing items available that can be embroidered with your logo or printed with your crew or vessel name…so why not personalise your team outfits for the day?


We’ve arranged for all crews to receive a 20% discount on all items (excluding embroidery), so to make use of this please ensure you enter the promo code TDJP2012 when purchasing!


To start shopping go to: and click on the webshop link in the top right-hand corner.



Reminder of things to check…


We have asked you to complete a number of actions since inviting you to participate, so please ensure you’ve:


  1. Responded to your invitation with:

-          confirmation of your vessel dimensions

-          responses to any queries raised by the Marine Selection Panel

-          submission of a copy of your insurance certificate that covers the event period.


  1. Sent your signed Data Protection Agreement.


  1. Submitted your Security Risk Assessment to the Metropolitan Police


  1. Sent a letter to your insurers advising them of your participation.


  1. Sent us your boat stories and photographs.


  1. Confirmed that your vessel details are accurately listed here. (Please note any changes received since last Friday will not be reflected here).




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