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·        The first section shows photos and videos of the pageant itself. I will add new ones at the END of the list as I find out about them.

·        The second section shows photos of the preparations, rehearsals and mustering, concluding on 2nd June.






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4th June

Video on Shropshire Lad

BBC three minute video – our formation looks good!

BBC key moments – see us at 0:40; and Leo No 2’s headlight at 1:40,

BBC intererview with the Pageant Master

Hilary Judge and Griff Dines (wearing the kilt)

6th June

Blog from Galatea:

·         We set sail

·         Travelling upstream

·         Here we go!   

·         Going home  

·         Epilogue


6th June

Album from Diamond – their full journey to the pageant and the day itself

Chris Read

7th June

Blog from Indigo Dream, including assorted photos from Flickr:

·         Full length boats

·         Row 3

·         Rows 1-3

·         In formation at Blackfriars

·         One of Scholar Gypsy (kilt and blazer)

Richard and Sue

7th June

Simon Tredigo – professional photographer: shots of quite a few boats?

Harald Jorgens - professional photographer: shots of every boat?

Richard and Sue

8th June

Gallery from Roger Squires – who was based opposite Wapping Police pier

Dr Roger

8th June

More from Flickr, found by the crew of Arthur Dent:

·         Gathering on the way upstream, and again

·         Rows 1—4 approaching Albert Bridge

·         A mixture of rows passing Somerset House

·         Front row at Somerset house

·         Galatea at Albert Bridge

·         Front row at Butlers Wharf

·         Row 3 in the avenue of sail

·         Lord T and co in the avenue of sail

Andy Spring

9th June

OFFICIAL PAGEANT PHOTOS – narrowboat section

Final QDJ newsletter

10th June

For a change, a rather fine shot from the Shard at dusk. Can you spot the entrance to Limehouse?

John Polley via the SPCC newsgroup

10th June

Various shots from the bank …

Simon Judge

10th June

Photo album from Leo No 2

Kathryn Dodington

10th June

More photos from Fulborne (see also Tim Lewis entry above):

·         going upstream to muster in Hammersmith

·         the pageant procession

·         Video from the rehearsal

·         Video of waiting to go into West India in the evening

Peter Scott (hi-res copies available from him on request)

10th June

Photos from Scholar Gypsy

Simon Judge

11th June

News item from Swiss TV – featuring Camden Lock on 11 May, and the rehearsal on 19 May

Simon Judge

11th June

Some decent TV clips:

·         The BBC highlights programme – the first third or so

·         The Queen’s Jubilee message

Simon Judge

11th June

Photos from Doria Katia:

·         Briefing (jokes not included), rehearsal and formation narrowboating (25-27 May): set 1 and set 2;

·         Pageant photos


Colin Ablitt

Photos from Arthur Dent

A select few shots from the shore

Andy Spring

13th June

Flickr photo of row 2

Simon Judge

Photos from Fulborne:

·         Limehouse to West India

·         West India Dock during scrutineering

·         Briefings for skippers

Peter Scott

14th June

Photos from Fulborne:

·         Rehearsal on 26-27 May

·         Upstream from West India to Chiswick (posted on 4th June)

·         The pageant itself

Tim Lewis

15th June

A longer video from the PLA – some really good shots

Simon Judge

More from Fulborne:

·         Rehearsal on 26 May – Limehouse to Margaret Ness

·         Rehearsal on 27 May – five abreast

Peter Scott

16th June


·         syncronised narrowboating – rehearsal on 27 May

·         Narrowboats passing under Tower Bridge (part 1 and part 2)

·         ITN aerial shots of the narrow boats mustering

·         Shropshire Lad – telegraph video

·         British Forces Broadcasting news item

Colin Ablitt

Narrowboat Lucy

Simon Judge

17th June

West India Dock – a view from the site manager (Friday, Sunday morning, Monday morning)

Ollie Brown

Some views from an office block near London Bridge:

·         Indigo Dream’s blog

·         A few others – row 2 between London and Tower, and Indigo Dream (one and two)

John Jones

BBC news coverage – interviews from WID at 4:40, and with the PLA afterwards


Shots from Tarporley

Tony Bowyer

18th June

IWA bulletin on the pageant, including photo gallery


19th June

Summary blog from Indigo Dream and albums:  Getting into position;  Chiswick to Albert Bridge; Albert to Tower

Richard and Sue

20th June

More from Fulborne – practice run on 26 May

Peter Scott

Some shots from the bank – from Halfie’s blog: one, two, three, four


Albums from Beatty:

·         maps and timings,

·         Limehouse on Thursday,

·         Limehouse to West India on Friday,

·         getting ready in West India,

Ben Grundy

21st June

More videoclips – BBC summary

Simon Judge

22nd June

Sky – all their (rather good) coverage I can find:

·         Preparations – nice shots of narrowboats, brasso and bunting in West India, and mustering of others in Barn Elms

·         News item on the overall event (brief shot of the narrowboats at 5:20)

·         Broadcasting from a boat in the historic squadron

·         Tenacious (sailing from Jersey)


·         quite a long video piece - lovely shots of narrow boats at 2:50 (ERNEST waving) and 29:30 (QUERCUS flowerboxes)


Photos from the bank:

·         From Waterloo Bridge, by Julie Clark – mustering and pageant

·         From assorted friends of Fulborne

Tim Lewis

10th July

See the souvenir brochure produced for PLA staff -  one shot of the narrowboats squeezing into West India at the end of the day.


16th July

Reports from Lord Toulouse:

·         Photo albums

·         The video film that the BBC should have made (20 minutes)

·         Trip report, with maps and daily reports

Andrew Dyke

18th July

Photos from Beatty:

·         Flickr album

Nick and Richard Grundy

27th October

PLA publications:

·         Tidal Thames magazine – photos, and references on pages 7, 12, 20, 32

·         DVD of pageant preparations – not many shots of narrow boats. See flyer. Buy online at their shop





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12 May

13 May

19 May

26 May

27 May

West India



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